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Copy of God as Love Wksp in New Jersey

Monday February 18th – God as Love Wksp Reclaiming Passionate Compassion for Healers • Teachers • Parents • Lovers • Addicts

with Adriana Rizzolo & David H Wagner

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Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Teacher and Healer, SOUL CRUSH Podcast host and Writer Adriana Rizzolo along with Meditation Teacher, Pastor, and Author David H Wagner will be visiting Hudson Reiki on their way back from David’s retreat at Kripalu and we are so excited to have them!

Join us for a workshop created to welcome you into a direct communion with Love, including your unique human expression of it.

Together they will offer energy healing, meditation, movement and contemplative practices focusing on experiencing and embodying unconditional LOVE.

David will share the teachings of Christ and how to apply them directly to your life while dispelling any lies and fears that have been put inside the sacred relationship between you and your God. 

Adriana will support you in opening to the wild beauty and imperfections in your voice, heart and body with compassion, opening up the vulnerability and freedom to love your life as it is now, including all that’s been lost, while making space for the reality of infinite possibility! 

Many of us crave satisfying and authentic connection, to be alive and awake in this world, but we all know it takes work, play and time to nurture the most tender parts of us.

Our sexuality, our shame, our relationship to God, grief, creative expression, addictions, judgements, learning how to love ourselves deeply and one another and follow what is true for us is no small task... but absolutely one worth taking. Not to be perfect images of who we think we’re supposed to be, or run by our unconscious desires; but to be free enough to give our gifts of love with clarity and connection to something bigger. Creating subtle or big waves of well being for all.

No experience needed. Open to all humans, healers, teachers, artists, parents, outcasts, lovers and anyone wanting a more embodied connection to the Love that lasts.


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